Angular Cheilitis Treatment: Over The Counter Options

Angular Cheilitis Treatment Over The Counter OptionsIn this article, we’ll discuss Angular Cheilitis Treatment: Over The Counter Options. Angular cheilitis, or perleche, is an inflammation generally confined to the corners of the mouth which produces sores that crack and bleed.  It is an infection caused by bacteria or fungi, which frequently accompanies other factors such as dry mouth, a habit of licking lips,  and other conditions which promotes the bacteria. This affliction can lead to pain and difficulty in opening the mouth to eat or speak.

The presence of a lesion in the corners of the mouth often  indicates that the mouth is infected with angular cheilitis. Quite often, the sores appear symmetrically on both sides, though it is not uncommon for the lesion to be restricted to just one side. This problem often results from irritants like digestive enzymes. At times, badly fitting dentures can cause saliva to accumulate and create conditions that allow the formation of angular cheilitis.

Lip licking, thumb sucking, sucking on other objects like tobacco pipes, or writing utensils, such as pens and pencils can also lead to angular cheilitis. Quite often the cold weather can lead to chapped lips which then lead to cheilitis when people tend to lick their lips to alleviate the dry lips. At times, expired cosmetics applied on lips can lead to this problem, as well.

When discussing  Angular Cheilitis Treatment: Over The Counter Options, it’s helpful to know that you can get over the counter medications that can help alleviate conditions of angular cheilitis. Many people ignore these problems and wait for the condition to improve and heal itself. You can always go to a doctor to get the required treatment. But it is not too difficult to treat it yourself if you can get hold of the right over the counter medications.

Cold sore treatments are known to be fairly useful for treating angular cheilitis, but they do not really treat the bacterial infection. More often than not, these remedies are seen as only being effective in mild cases, where the body’s own immune system acts to combat the infection and aids in curing the condition.

Taking Vitamin B can help the body’s immune system  fight the infection, though it cannot be considered to always be the right medicine for this problem. Baking soda can soothe the pain but cannot prevent the spreading of the infection. Chap sticks can again act like the baking soda.

Mycolog II is an anti-fungal and steroid over the counter medication that can be used for angular cheilitis. It has two components, one which acts on the fungus or bacteria, while the other helps to reduce the inflammation and relieve the itching and redness.

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